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Upcoming Deadlines

Table includes upcoming deadlines for applications to funding programs. Where no current date is available, the table uses approximate dates based on previous funding cycles.

Deadline Program Name Funding Profile
11/16/2023 Dirt and Gravel Road Program_York County Dirt & Gravel Road Program
11/16/2023 WAY Watershed Forestry Program WAY Watershed Forestry Program - PA-CWQE
11/30/2023 SRBC Stream & Watershed Enhancement Program SRBC Stream & Watershed Enhancement Grant - PA-CWQE
4/3/2023 DCNR Community Conservation Partnership Program DCNR C2P2 Grant Programs
5/31/2024 PA DCED Watershed Restoration & Protection Program DCED_Watershed Restoration and Protection Program - PA-CWQE
5/31/2024 PA DCED Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program DCED_Greenways, Trails & Recreation Grants - PA-CWQE
5/31/2024 PA DCED Flood Mitigation Program DCED_Flood Mitigation Program - PA-CWQE
6/20/2024 PACD Ag Plan Reimbursement Program PACD Ag Plan Reimbursement Program
Rolling deadlines Various programs List of Open Enrollment Programs
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