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What type of farm plan do I need for my farm?

Any farm in Pennsylvania where plowing or tilling activities (including no-till) and animal heavy use areas disturb more than 5,000 square feet -- that's only .11 acre -- is required to have a written erosion and sediment pollution plan available on the farm at all times (Chapter 102 PA DEP). This requirement was enacted in 1972 (heavy animal use area requirement took effect in 2010).

Various other plan requirements kick in depending on a farm's animal population, management/application of fertilizers and animal waste, and cropping practices. This article is an excerpt from an overview developed by Penn State Extension that explains existing regulatory planning requirements for Pennsylvania farms.

The attached document covers the basics related to:

  • Determining whether your farm is an Animal Feeding Operation (AFO), Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) and which plans are required
  • PA Act 38 Nutrient Management Plan
  • PA Chapter 102 Erosion & Sediment Plan
  • PA Chapter 91 Manure Management Plan
  • Voluntary NRCS Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP)
  • Voluntary NRCS Conservation Plan


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