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Resetting or Changing Account Password

If you already know your password, but are wanting to change it scroll down to the second heading How to Change Your Password. 

If you forgot your password and are looking to reset it, please follow the steps below:

How to Reset Your Password

STEP 1: First, log out of CWQE and be on the sign in page.  Click on Forgot Password.

STEP 2: Enter your email address in the field, then click Recover Password.  This will send a link to that email. Check your spam folder!


STEP 3: After clicking the link, you will be prompted to enter a new password.  Next, click Set Password.

STEP 4: Navigate back to the sign in page, and log in using your new password.

How to Change Your Password

STEP 1: When logged in, click your User Name in the upper right corner of the web page, then from the drop down menu, click Edit Profile.

STEP 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see Change Password:

  • Input your current password into the current password field.
  • Input your new password into the new password field.
  • Confirm your new password.
  • Click on Save Changes.

STEP 3: Log in using your new password. 

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