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County Conservation Districts awarded $2.98 million in Conservation Excellence Grant funds

August 25, 2021 - The Conservation Excellence Grant (CEG) program has expanded into seven counties in Pennsylvania’s share of the Chesapeake Bay watershed: Tier 1 – Lancaster and York counties and Tier 2 – Bedford, Centre, Cumberland, Franklin and Lebanon Counties. 

To date, the State Conservation Commission (SCC) has awarded $8.8 million to participating conservation districts for grants to farmers and administration of the program. The participating conservation districts have committed over $2.98 million in CEG program funds to eligible projects, including. barnyard runoff and manure storage and manure stacking areas; roofed heavy use area protection (HUAP); grassed waterways and diversions; and cover crops. Conservation districts will continue to accept and review CEG program applications for implementation of priority best management practices that are part of an agricultural erosion and sedimentation plan, conservation plan, nutrient management or manure management plan. 

More information on the CEG program and how to apply with a participating county conservation district can be found at Conservation Excellence Grant Program.

Source: PA Department of Environmental Protection Newsletter 8/25/2021

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