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York County Stormwater Consortium

The York County Stormwater Consortium (YCSWC) is a regional approach to the development and implementation of a Pollutant Reduction Plan (PRP) that is required for municipalities with MS4 permits. Forty-six municipalities in York County work together through an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement to develop and implement the York County Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Reduction Plan (CBPRP), which includes paying a fee that supports a fund for implementation of stormwater Best Management Practices. 

Participating municipalities, and sometimes non-participants, can submit projects for consideration within the scope of the six project types found in the PRP: stream restoration, detention basin/swale retrofits, tree planting/riparian buffers, water re-use, floodplain and wetland restoration, and infiltration BMPs. Once approved, new projects are added to the Project List and become eligible to request funding. For more information on this fund, please refer to the York County Stormwater Consortium - PA-CWQE funding profile.

To explore some examples of projects that have been completed across the county, use York County Planning Commission's Stormwater BMP Tour ( Story Map.

An additional resource below includes a map of all the municipalities participating in the York County CBPRP.

For more information refer to the York County Stormwater Consortium Website: York County Stormwater Consortium (YCSWC) | York County Planning Commission PA (


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