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Local farmer uses American Rescue Plan funds for farm conservation

Brian Eckman, a local farmer who raises organic broilers in Fulton Township, PA, is using two large funding sources to implement conservation work on his farm. These two funding sources include a $174,000 Conservation Excellence Grant supplemented with American Rescue Plan funding, which together cover the $331,000 total for his project.

In June, $3.5 million of the American Rescue Plan funding allocated to Lancaster County was sent to Lancaster Clean Water Partners to distribute to individuals and groups wanting to do conservation work in the county, with the goal of improving water quality.

There are two components of Eckman's project: stormwater management improvements around the chicken houses and installation of a covered manure stacking pad. The stormwater improvements were completed in July, and these included adding roof gutters with underground outlets and improving the swales around the houses. Eckman hopes to begin the manure stacking pad construction this year.

SOURCE: Lancaster Farming, August 20, 2022 Issue

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