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Green Infrastructure

“Green” infrastructure (GI) is a newer approach to stormwater management that mimics nature by capturing stormwater so it can either be reused or seep into the ground where it falls, rather than flowing into underground sewer and storm pipes. This category includes resources for various GI Methods for stormwater capture including rain gardens, pervious pavement, planted swales, and storage containers such as cisterns and rain barrels. Green-infrastructure features can help reduce stress on water systems and can provide good local jobs, as well as making the communities where they’re installed healthier and more beautiful.

  1. Rain Gardens

    1. Rain Gardens: Gardens With Benefits
    2. Creating Your Rain Garden
    3. Fact Sheet_City of Lancaster_Rain Garden
  2. Pervious Pavement

    1. Porous Asphalt Pavements: A Stormwater Tool
  3. Vegetated Swales

    1. What are Vegetated Swales?
  4. General GI

    1. What is Green Infrastructure?
    2. The Homeowner's Guide to Stormwater
    3. Paying for Green Infrastructure
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  5. Operations & Maintenance

    1. Construction and O&M Cost Reduction Benefits of Green Infrastructure
    2. Maintaining Stormwater Basins
  6. GI and Recreation

    1. Green Infrastructure in Public Parks
  7. Urban Forestry

    1. Planting Trees for Urban Stormwater Management